Terms and Conditions

§ 1 The service of CrowdButler
§ 2 Information on usage
§ 3 User obligations
§ 4 Contract closing process
§ 5 Guarantee and Liability
§ 6 Right of withdrawal
§ 7 Refund policy
§ 8 Newsletter
§ 9 Final Clauses and Contact Information


§ 1 The service of CrowdButler

I. CrowdButler UK Ltd., based in 49 Green Lanes, N16 9BU, London, E-Mail: [email protected] offers a solution (hereafter mentioned as “CrowdButler service” or “Crowd Butler”) to assist users (“User”) with undertakings and transactions. CrowdButler assists users in everyday matters, researches and answers questions and conveys offers from external providers (“Provider”).

II. The CrowdButler service is free of charge for users. In cases in which the CrowdButler service should incur costs, the user is notified in advance in a clear manner.

III. CrowdButler is used as a proxy between providers and users. User grants necessary power of attorney to CrowdButler through the acceptance of these terms and conditions and through inquiries to CrowdButler.

IV. If the user utilizes a product, service or other offering from a provider, a direct contract is made concerning this matter between the provider and the user. CrowdButler is not a contractual party to such contracts. The contractual conditions, cancellation policy and other information and regulations from the providers shall apply. CrowdButler does not undertake a liability or guarantee for products, services and other offerings from the provider. A contract between user and CrowdButler is only possible with regard to the provision of CrowdButler services.

V. You are solely responsible for the contractual relationship between user and CrowdButler, unless otherwise agreed in an individual contract.

VI. If you use the service of CrowdButler, you confirm that you have read and acknowledged the Privacy Policy of CrowdButler and that you consent to be bound by it.

§ 2 Information on Usage

I. The user can register on the CrowdButler website (www.crowdbutler.com) with user’s e-mail address. After registration the user will be informed of this access data between 10 AM and 10 PM, which is necessary for the usage of CrowdButler, as well as the further steps for the usage of CrowdButler.

II. With a precise request for a CrowdButler service on CrowdButler, the user asks and determines CrowdButler to process the corresponding request.

III. After dispatch, CrowdButler either takes or rejects the user’s request.

IV. The registration and the dispatch of requests are free of charge.

V. The activity of CrowdButler represents a pure courtesy, except in the cases of §4.

VI. The user is aware, that for the usage of services with his or her mobile provider, he or she may possibly incur telecommunications charges. The user bears all applicable telecommunications costs.

VII. Please adhere to our Acceptable Use Policy.

§ 3 User Obligations

I. The user is obligated to fill in information completely and truthfully about their identity when registering for the CrowdButler service and during the actual usage of CrowdButler.

II. Pending the validation of modified personal information, CrowdButler deems the user’s information on file as correct and complete.

III. The user is obligated not to disclose their login details to third party websites and/or persons/users.

§ 4 Contract closing process

I. The contractual CrowdButler service consists of gathering suitable offers from providers for the user’s order.

II. CrowdButler presents the user with the ascertained offers and the total amount payable for each offer.

III. This amount includes the costs of the chosen offer for the user as well as, if such costs are incurred, a remuneration for the CrowdButler service.

IV. Any costs for the CrowdButler service will be communicated to the user clearly during the ordering process.

V. The user thereupon chooses one of the present offers and shares their decision with CrowdButler.

VI. The user can easily make a payment via Braintree, our payment partner associated with PayPal.

VII. If the given means of payment from the user is charged with the amount due, CrowdButler will then act for the user and book the selected offer from the provider on the user’s behalf.

VIII. The amount payable upon the actual booking of the selected offer is due, when CrowdButler books the user’s selected offer.

IX. After booking the offer, the user receives a confirmation from CrowdButler on one of their preferred communication channels.

X. If user’s given means of payment is not successful in charging the payable amount, CrowdButler will then not book the selected offer from the provider.

XI. A contract thereby takes place between CrowdButler and the user regarding the CrowdButler service.

XII. In regard to the product, service or other offering from the provider, a contract takes place exclusively between the provider and the user.

XIII. CrowdButler acts as an intermediary between user and provider, but is not a contractual party.

XIV. CrowdButler will provide you with the confirmation of contract, in which the contractual content is expressed, in a durable medium at your disposal after the contract closing.

§ 5 Guarantee and Liability

I. The user acknowledges that a 100% (one hundred percent) availability of the CrowdButler service from CrowdButler is technically not possible. CrowdButler explicitly assumes no liability in regards to the aforementioned.

II. Particularly maintenance, security, and capacity issues and occurrences that are not in CrowdButler’s field of competence (e.g. disturbances of public communication networks, blackouts, etc.) can lead to temporary disruptions or discontinuation of the service. CrowdButler cannot guarantee that third party services, particularly network services or other providing third parties, are always interruption-free, error-free, and secure.

III. Despite the aforementioned, CrowdButler strives to make the CrowdButler service available as constant as possible.

IV. In the case of intent and gross negligence of its legal representatives and agents, CrowdButler bears liability under the statutory provisions. Apart from that, liability is not covered.

§ 6 Right of withdrawal


I. Customers/users, who are so called “Consumers” by their respective country law, may have a (14-days) country-specific right of withdrawal in regards to distance contracts and/or a right of withdrawal in regards to distance contracts, which has been integrated into their respective country law in order to fulfil the provisions of the EU regulation 2011/83/EU.

II. The revocation period of 14 days begins with the commencement of the contract.

III. A (14-day) right of withdrawal can be exerted without the need of explaining the reasons of revocation by sending a prominent statement to the following addresses: CrowdButler UK Ltd., 49 Green Lanes, N16 9BU, London

IV. To meet the deadline, it is enough to send the message within the relevant right of withdrawal time (14-days).

V. At no point the user will be charged a fee for this process.

VI. Consequences: In case the user is taking advantage of their (14-days) right of withdrawal, the paid price and the granted goods and/or services will be returned within 14 days to their respective owners.

VII. The user’s right of withdrawal expires if the user has given their explicit consent and simultaneously confirmed their knowledge, that they lose their right of withdrawal if CrowdButler starts with the service before the end of the revocation period.

VIII. The user’s right of withdrawal also expires within the revocation period if the contract’s obligations were fully satisfied upon mutual agreement.

IX. The consumer is obliged to pay for all damages of the delivered good and/or service which appeared whilst in their possession. ­­CrowdButler is not liable for the usage of the user goods and/or services of other providers


§ 7 Refund policy

In case we sent you the wrong product we refund 100% of the order amount. Please contact us immediately at [email protected] or on our SMS number so we can help. To complete your return, we require a proof that the item has been returned to the seller. To be eligible for a return, your item must be in a resellable / mint condition including the original packaging.

For all other cases the refund and return policy of the providers applies (pls see § 1, IV). We are happy to assist. Please contact us at [email protected] or on our SMS number so we can help.

§ 8 Newsletter

I. CrowdButler will regularly keep the user updated on one of our user’s preferred contact methods about the CrowdButler service.

II. The user may opt out at any time by notification to CrowdButler under the contact details listed under § 1 without incurring any costs other than for basic transmission rates.

§ 9 Final Clauses and Contact Information

I. For these terms of use and all legal relations between the user and CrowdButler, UK law is valid excluding the CISG and private international law. Exclusive place of jurisdiction is London, UK..

II. In business transactions with consumers within the European Union, the laws of the consumer’s place of residence can be applied, provided that mandatory consumer right provisions are involved.

III. The validity of the user contract terms and conditions or business terms and conditions are expressly excluded.

IV. CrowdButler is entitled to modify these terms and conditions with an appropriate term of notice. CrowdButler shares with the user the modifications no later than 2 weeks before they become operative via SMS or email.

V. CrowdButler indicates the user in the modification notice both of their right to object and that the modification shall be deemed acceptable, if they does not object within a period of 1 month after receiving the modification notice via SMS or email.

VI. If the user is in opposition to the modification or in opposition to the terms and conditions in general, he is not allowed to use the CrowdButler service.

VII. If the user continues to use the CrowdButler service, even though he or she is in opposition to the modification of these terms and conditions or these terms and conditions in general, he or she agrees upon these terms and conditions by his conclusive action.

VIII. If any part of these Terms is held invalid or unenforceable, that portion shall be interpreted in a manner consistent with applicable law to reflect as nearly as possible, the original intentions of the parties, and the remaining portions shall remain in full force and effect.

IX. The User can always contact CrowdButler’s Customer Support, available from Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 18:00 on the following number: +448000488817 (toll free for UK only)

CrowdButler UK Ltd.,
49 Green Lanes,
N16 9BU, London
Email: [email protected]