Acceptable Use Policy

By using our services you agree to comply with our Acceptable Use Policy.

You may not use our services in connection with any product, service, transaction or activity that violates any law or government regulation.

To comply with our ethical standards and the acceptable use policy of our payment provider, certain products / services request won’t be accepted by us. These include, but are not limited to

  • fraudulent, deceptive, unfair or predatory
  • violates any rule or regulation of credit card providers used
  • violates any rule or regulation of payment provider used
  • results in or creates a significant risk of chargebacks, penalties, damages or other harm or liability.

Some examples are

  • weapons and munitions
  • gambling
  • animals
  • human trafficking
  • age restricted products or services
  • drug paraphernalia
  • sexually-oriented or pornographic products or services
  • unethical social media activity sales.

If in doubt, please ask and our Butlers will let you know whether CrowdButler can deliver the products/services.